And you—what of your rushed and useful life?

 Imagine setting it all down—papers, plans, appointments, everything—leaving only a note:

“Gone to the fields to be lovely.

Be back when I’m through blooming.”

—from Camas Lilies by Lynn Ungar

Turtle Travel

It's About Slowing Down

After a month on the road I’m beginning to understand what draws people to this lifestyle.   A fellow traveler commented RVers are like turtles because we carry our homes with us and we move slowly.  Usually my life is more like a sand crab than a turtle.  Head down, I work furiously to finish my latest project. Digging fast enough opens a little well of time but it is instantly filled up with more things to do.  Like the dogged little crab I rarely get out of the hole I’ve dug myself.  One of the reasons I wanted to take this trip was to reconnect with my inner tortoise. (more…)

On Being Free

I had a bucket list long before I ever heard that term.  As a child I dreamed of the places I would go and the adventures I would have.  Many of my dreams have been realized and are are now treasured memories.  But not all of them.  And that’s why after my last birthday when I officially became a “senior” my husband and I decided it was time to get on with the list.  (more…)

Remembering Dad

My father was tougher than nails and rarely sick before lymphoma took over.  He fought it for a long time but the cancer inevitably won.  We lived 200 miles from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and made many trips there while he was undergoing treatment.  On one trip it was just Dad and I driving home from Houston.  It was a moonless night with only the glow of the dash lights to relieve the darkness.  Alone in our little cocoon he started to talk.  He told me stories I’d never heard before and so many pieces of the mystery that was Dad fell into place. I would have given anything for an audio recorder but this was years before cell phones or digital recorders so I paid close attention to capture his voice in my memory.  This is my favorite of the stories he told and the one I think best illustrates Dad’s optimistic character. (more…)

Silver Divorce

Baby boomers start another trend

I had a relative who divorced his wife after more than 60 years of marriage. We all knew they’d been emotionally separated for years but I thought a divorce that late in the game was an odd move to make. Turns out I was wrong—it isn’t unusual at all. Baby boomers are ending their marriages in record numbers. (more…)

The Living Legacy Project

A guest post by Tom Cormier

In a 2012 survey conducted by the Allianz Academy of Legacies, Baby Boomers were asked to rank their priorities when it comes to passing down an inheritance.This demographic ranked passing down family history and stories as far more important than leaving financial assets to heirs. Why then have so few people made provisions for this in their will or estate plan?

Finding Your Way

A Short Fable about Choosing a Financial Advisor

Imagine you are in a dark cave and you are lost.  You have a good flashlight and some provisions but you’ve been in there for a while and you’re starting to get worried.  You simply have no idea which way to go. (more…)