Divided We Fall

Can we stand up now?

You haven’t heard from me in awhile because I’ve been traveling and writing from the road was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  This post has nothing to do with aging except for the fact I never thought I would see what is occurring in our United States. (more…)


Living with No Regrets

We spend a great deal of our adult lives taking care of business and preparing for the future.  We think about our plans for “someday” but our focus is on paying bills, raising children, building careers and establishing our place in the community.  Then, in what seems like the blink of an eye in hindsight, you wake up to find the kids have grown up, the roots are down and you’re at retirement age.  Someday has arrived. Now what? (more…)


What it is and why it matters

Do you need help with that?”  asked the pleasant teenager who had bagged my groceries.  “No thanks, I’ve got it,” I replied as I reached for the handles of my canvas totes. His next words caught me by surprise. “Are you sure?”  he asked with a doubtful look on his face.  The first retort that came to mind was, “Do I look feeble to you, kid?”  Which was followed immediately by the thought, “Oh crap, maybe I do!” 


Remembering Dad

My father was tougher than nails and rarely sick before lymphoma took over.  He fought it for a long time but the cancer inevitably won.  We lived 200 miles from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and made many trips there while he was undergoing treatment.  On one trip it was just Dad and I driving home from Houston.  It was a moonless night with only the glow of the dash lights to relieve the darkness.  Alone in our little cocoon he started to talk.  He told me stories I’d never heard before and so many pieces of the mystery that was Dad fell into place. I would have given anything for an audio recorder but this was years before cell phones or digital recorders so I paid close attention to capture his voice in my memory.  This is my favorite of the stories he told and the one I think best illustrates Dad’s optimistic character. (more…)

I Do. I Don’t

When you and your S.O. don't agree

My husband and I were woefully unprepared for his retirement. Our focus was on our finances and it never even occurred to us what else we would face.  We had talked about him leaving his job for a long while. We had run the numbers, talked to advisors and thought we were ready to take the plunge but we completely missed the dangers lying just below the surface. We treaded some rough waters before we got on solid ground again but other couples I’ve known have found themselves in seriously deep trouble and some of them haven’t survived intact. I want to give you some relationship life preservers to help you avoid that fate.  (more…)