How to Find Your Passion When the Retirement Honeymoon is Over

A question I usually ask when a client is considering retirement is, “How would you spend your time if you won the lottery and never had to worry about money again?”   Most people say they would quit their jobs. They tell me they would sleep late, enjoy leisurely schedules and take care of some long overdue projects. Many say they would travel. “Yes,” I say nodding,   “Sounds lovely. After some time passes and you’ve done all that, then what?” This question usually elicits the deer in the headlights stare followed by a long silence. That’s when I know they haven’t thought past the honeymoon phase. (more…)

7 Things to Think About Before You Retire

And none of them has anything to do with money!

I have found hundreds of articles, websites and books about financial planning for retirement. I even wrote one of the books myself—Investing Starting from Scratch—but I’ve found precious little information about preparing psychologically. IMHO, investing in your psychological retirement portfolio is at least as important, if not more so, than investing in your financial portfolio.  Carefully considering the social and psychological aspects of changing your life roles can help you avoid emotional land mines so before you make the leap to the world of the unemployed, here are 7 things to think about that have nothing to do with money:  (more…)

I Do. I Don’t

When you and your S.O. don't agree

My husband and I were woefully unprepared for his retirement. Our focus was on our finances and it never even occurred to us what else we would face.  We had talked about him leaving his job for a long while. We had run the numbers, talked to advisors and thought we were ready to take the plunge but we completely missed the dangers lying just below the surface. We treaded some rough waters before we got on solid ground again but other couples I’ve known have found themselves in seriously deep trouble and some of them haven’t survived intact. I want to give you some relationship life preservers to help you avoid that fate.  (more…)