How My Mom’s Alzheimer’s Gave Me the Job of My Dreams

A guest post by Kendra Roesner, CRC, CDMS

I knew I was in a world of trouble when I flew up to visit my elderly mother who lived 700 miles away. I was a Case Manager in Rehabilitation. My job involved coordinating care for people with various disabilities and I noticed changes in Mom that sent up all the red flags. I was an only child. What was I going to do?  I had a job and career 700 miles away. . .


Music and Memories

The power of music in our lives

Last week I saw a great show by a 60s and 70s tribute rock and roll group called “Phil Dirt and the Dozers.” They were a talented bunch of guys who played multiple instruments and could sing everything from the Beach Boys to the blues. Like most of the members of the audience I knew every word so I was singing along and dancing in my seat. One couple even jumped up to twist. Were we having such a good time because of simple nostalgia? Research says it’s much more complex than that. (more…)