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About this Blog

Who it’s for

This blog is for you if:

  • You are a baby boomer
  • You have a parent, partner, sibling or someone you care about who is a boomer
  • You are ahead of the curve and thinking about your own later years

The baby boomer generation created a population bulge in the United States as big as a “pig in a python” and we’ve had an enormous impact on our culture every inch of the way.  Now we’re in our second half and the face of “old age” has a whole new look. Many of us are still productive and energetic and expect to keep on truckin’ into our 80s and beyond.

This has never happened before.

Living past 80 isn’t something unique to baby boomers but the way we’re doing it is. We’re healthier and better educated than any generation before us and nowhere near ready to spend our days rocking on the porch. Some of us will have two, three or more careers before we’re through. Some of us are reinventing, exploring and pursuing our passions while others are grappling with issues our parents and grandparents never dreamed of.  Our generation is the first in history to have these bonus years. Turns out we started a revolution after all—a longevity revolution.

Why I’m writing it:

I’m a professional counselor, coach and writer. I’m also a leading edge baby boomer which means I’m past the time when I can pretend like I’m still in middle age. I often talk with clients and friends about the transitions they are experiencing and the decisions that have to be made as we all grow older. Sometimes they ask for advice.  Sometimes I don’t have any.  I’ve  realized there are approximately a gazillion resources out there to help us plan financially for retirement but very few that deal with the more personal challenges of later years.  My goal for this blog is to help fill that gap.

What you will find here:

A place to find information, share ideas, get inspired, feel supported.  This blog is dedicated to exploring issues like these:

  • The psychological impact of retirement
  • Money—or the lack of it
  • Downsizing or relocating
  • Changing relationships
  • Coping with the needs of aging parents
  • Dealing with a parent who refuses to accept help
  • Kids that won’t—or can’t—leave home
  • Grandparenting and step-grandparenting
  • Starting over after a partner or a spouse dies
  • Divorce adjustment
  • Dating and sex after 50
  • Health and wellness: Learning to love your body again
  • Coming to terms with unfulfilled dreams.
  • Reinventing ourselves: deciding what’s next
  • Creating a legacy
  • And any other second half topics you want to talk about.

I will share my experiences and tell you what I think but I don’t pretend to have all the answers—or even all the questions—so please share your experiences and we will all benefit.

What you won’t find here:

  • Annoying pop-up ads
  • A substitute for real therapy.  If that’s what you need I encourage you to get it because it can save your life. A reliable source to find qualified therapists in your area is  If there are none in your community and you are open to trying online counseling, check out

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