Silver Divorce

Baby boomers start another trend

I had a relative who divorced his wife after more than 60 years of marriage. We all knew they’d been emotionally separated for years but I thought a divorce that late in the game was an odd move to make. Turns out I was wrong—it isn’t unusual at all. Baby boomers are ending their marriages in record numbers. (more…)

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The Living Legacy Project

A guest post by Tom Cormier

In a 2012 survey conducted by the Allianz Academy of Legacies, Baby Boomers were asked to rank their priorities when it comes to passing down an inheritance.This demographic ranked passing down family history and stories as far more important than leaving financial assets to heirs. Why then have so few people made provisions for this in their will or estate plan?


Finding Your Way

A Short Fable about Choosing a Financial Advisor

Imagine you are in a dark cave and you are lost.  You have a good flashlight and some provisions but you’ve been in there for a while and you’re starting to get worried.  You simply have no idea which way to go. (more…)

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Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row

Investing 101

The first thing I had to do after making the decision to become captain of my own financial ship was learn how to sail. So I began to ask friends how they invested their savings and it quickly became obvious they were as clueless as I was.  Some real answers: “Stocks?  No, I don’t own stocks. Too risky. I own mutual funds.”  And “All my money is invested in a 401(k).” And “I’m going to buy an IRA when I retire.”  Seriously?

At least I felt better knowing I wasn’t in the boat alone.  Assuming you are in there too, here are answers to some questions you may have been embarrassed to ask.  (If you already know this stuff, you can stop reading now but please come back in 2 weeks when we’ve moved on to another topic.) I did a lot of research and talked to mentors and here is the Cliffs Notes version of what I learned:



Investing has nothing to do with get-rich-quick schemes or making a killing in the market. It’s putting money to work for you rather than you working for it—safely, and in ways that will bring you a return that exceeds the rate of inflation.                                                              

                                                            —Jerrold Mundis

INVESTING Starting from Scratch

Investing: Starting from Scratch (Eakin Press, 2016)

Seventy-eight million Baby Boomers started turning 65 in 2011. Many of us will struggle financially in our “golden years” because we have not saved enough to retire and don’t know enough about investing.   The number one reason people give for procrastinating is that investing is just too complicated. If that description fits, this book was written for you.  Originally published in 2009, this has just become available in a Kindle version.

Based on three years of research and verified by a team of financial experts, Investing: Starting from Scratch uses simple analogies to explain the complex subject of investing and retirement planning. You will learn:

  • Investment terms, starting from scratch
  • How to find answers to questions you have too intimidated to ask.
  • How to take charge of your financial future
  • Exactly what all the various investment options are and how to choose the ones that are right for you.
  • How to design a portfolio to meet your personal goals.
  • How to be the captain of your carefully-chosen team of advisors and guardians.
  • How to create financial peace.

No matter what the market is doing, now is always the best time to invest!

INVESTING Starting from Scratch