Keys to Happiness: Gratitude

How to Develop the Habit

Anxiety has become the most prevalent mental health condition in the United States today, a fact that should come as no surprise. We live in a climate of fear-mongering. We are inundated with negative news round the clock and it seems the more bizarre or bloody the story the more the media focuses on it. Currently we have the added spectacle of  political campaigns where our “leaders” display appallingly bad behavior while each endeavors to convince us he or she is the one who can save us from collective doom. Sigh.

With so much negativity it is easy to forget there is good in the world.  How do we fight back against this climate of fear? By practicing gratitude. (more…)

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A is for Attitude

8 Benefits of Maintaining a Positive Attitude About Aging

“Mrs. W., what are you smiling about?” I had entered her room quietly and caught her in a private reverie. She turned her face toward me and her smile broadened. “Oh,” she replied softly, “I’m just counting my blessings.” I was overwhelmed with shame. Earlier I had been grousing about some trivial issue and here was a woman whose world had been reduced to her bed yet she was still able to find joy in life. I chastised myself with the thought that if I ever complained about anything again I deserved to be zapped with lightning on the spot. (more…)


Senior Moments, Part II

10 Reversible Causes of Memory Loss

In the last post I listed the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s published by the Alzheimer’s Association. But it is important to know that even if you or someone you love is experiencing any of these warning signs, it does not automatically indicate Alzheimer’s disease. There are a number of reversible causes of memory problems. Here are 10 of them:



Senior Moments

How to Tell the Difference Between Normal Forgetfulness and Dementia

“Now where did I leave my glasses? Let’s see. I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and then I noticed the cat’s dish was empty so I went to the pantry to get cat food. After I filled the bowl I got my coffee and then the phone rang and. . . aha! Here they are, next to the phone.”

Sound familiar? Most of us who are older misplace or forget things from time to time and joke about having “senior moments” but when the problem becomes chronic, it is not a laughing matter.


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New Year’s Resolutions

10 Tips for Making Them and Keeping Them

January 1 is my favorite day of the year. I love the holiday season but I’m always glad when the travel, the parties, the shopping and decorating are over and all the fattening goodies are gone.  (Some of those pounds I thought I’d lost in October found me in December. Tenacious little demons.) January 1 represents a fresh start with the ancient tradition of New Year’s resolutions. (more…)

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Our Time is Now

If not now, when?

Imagine a world where every child born is given a basket containing a lifetime supply of money, the total of all he or she will ever have to spend. The currency is dispensed daily so there is no way to count it or calculate how much is left in the basket. Nothing is free and there is no way to refill the basket or to get more money.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.



How to Find Your Passion When the Retirement Honeymoon is Over

A question I usually ask when a client is considering retirement is, “How would you spend your time if you won the lottery and never had to worry about money again?”   Most people say they would quit their jobs. They tell me they would sleep late, enjoy leisurely schedules and take care of some long overdue projects. Many say they would travel. “Yes,” I say nodding,   “Sounds lovely. After some time passes and you’ve done all that, then what?” This question usually elicits the deer in the headlights stare followed by a long silence. That’s when I know they haven’t thought past the honeymoon phase. (more…)

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  ― H. Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You